Did you hear about the geese-napping at White Rock Lake? Did you meet the “Godfather of Geese” Charles Fussell there? Have you seen the Canadian Goose Migration in May? Most of the Geese at White Rock are abandoned or rescues and this year StoryBuilt is making a donation to the White Rock Lake Conservancy to help protect these charming squatters.

You may also see our very own “Goose” playing there. A rescue from the Dallas ASPCA, Goose joined our family in 2010. And get this – his brother’s name is Maverick… as you could tell by the street names – we couldn’t resist.




Middle Green RGB: 201, 207, 122 HEX: #C9CF7A CMYK: 3, 0, 41, 19
Blue Charcoal RGB: 44, 56, 71 HEX: #2C3847 CMYK: 38, 21, 0, 72
Timberwolf RGB: 219, 213, 203 HEX: #DBD5CB CMYK: 0, 3, 7, 14



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