Ellie May is primed to be the jewel of East Austin – laid back and smart. Ellie May is a place where inside and outside can come together and everyone can get down to earth. Things look different here, because there’s a lot of ways to be smart. Style/Vibe – Fun and polished with some rustic touches. Always a place that feels welcoming – and a place that welcomes the unexpected.


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Tan RGB: 204, 173, 143 HEX: #CCAD8F CMYK: 0, 15, 30, 20
Dark Sienna RGB: 33, 10, 10 HEX: #210A0A CMYK: 0, 70, 70, 87
Russet RGB: 129, 69, 31 HEX: #81451F CMYK: 0, 47, 77, 49
Slate RGB: 63, 84, 86 HEX: #3F5456 CMYK: 27, 2, 0, 66






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Image selection is responsible for projecting the values of our homeowners, investors, and just as importantly, internally to our StoryBuilt team. It is a composite psychological impression that continually changes with the firm’s circumstances, media coverage, performance, pronouncements, etc.